Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My new website!

“To your health!” That’s a quote from a trip that I took to Africa two years back. We were in Timbuktu enjoying a gin and tonic after coming in from exploring the Sahara in a nasty sand storm. I heard the same quote but in Portuguese that summer while celebrating my grandmother’s 80th birthday. “A sua saúde!” is what my family and I wished my grandmother as we celebrated a great life. I found this to be a fitting reminder of the importance of maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle through spiritual reflection, an active lifestyle, and a balanced diet. That was the common thread between all the people that I met on that trip and the inspiration behind Saúde (see http://forvo.com/word/sa%C3%BAde/ for the correct pronunciation of “saúde”).

I would like to invite you to experience Saúde. Please visit my new website to find out more! www.saudeclinic.ca If you know of anyone who has an injury or a chronic complaint, is looking for a second opinion, or is looking to prevent an injury from occuring, please feel free to direct them to my website as well.

Here's to your Saúde!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back it up!!

So I've been a self-employed entrepreneur for 2 years now working on many different health related initiatives and projects and needless to say, I've learned a ton of valuable real life lessons!! Today was another lesson learned... in every instance, BACK UP YOUR STUFF!!! It's happened to all of us... it's late and you're just about finishing what you're working on, or you go to turn on your computer getting ready for a presentation, and smoke begins to come out of the back of the laptop... BRUTAL!! I recently had the unfortunate experience of losing valuable information on a computer at a friend's office despite the fact that there were signs/symptoms of imminent disaster... things slowing down... weird error messages... etc...

So, the lesson for today is:

Step 1: go out and buy an external hard drive from any of the big box stores & USE IT!! Plug in your computer everyday and back it up.
Step 2: sign up for a web-based off-site server back-up service

It's not bullet proof but it at least lowers your risk.

I know... not really health related but if you think about all the stress, anxiety, increase in blood pressure, increase in cortisol (stress hormone), experienced as a result of the experience, it is in fact health related!

Lesson learned... don't let it happen to you!

Keep well,